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McKenna Wnuk

With a last name starting with "W", McKenna was often last on a list. So, we've decided to put her first this time! Here is what she had to say.

"Hello everyone, I’m McKenna Wnuk and I worked at Clear Lake Education Center as a seasonal instructor for the spring of 2024. I taught the MI Rocks program (which rocked of course) and enjoyed educating kids on the rocks they could find in their state. I attend Northern Michigan University in Marquette where I study Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management, and Clear Lake provided me with a memorable experience that I can apply to my professional career someday. I loved seeing how passionate all of my coworkers and the directors are, and it was especially wonderful to see kids engaged in an outdoor setting."


In her post-employment survey, McKenna had this to say: Something I learned about myself is “I am able to confront kids who may be disrupting the group and solve the problem.”


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