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Clear Lake Education Center connects people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to the natural world. 


Many of the structures at Clear Lake Education Center were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930's, and as such hold great historical and cultural value for the area and its visitors. Updates such as electricity, heat, and accessibility have been made to the buildings, some of which have modern plumbing. Many of the paved trails are barrier free, including a cement pad in the amphitheater for proximity to programs and campfire time. A landline for calls within the 906 area code is available in the office, infirmary, and dining hall, and limited wifi is available in the lodge. For more information on Clear Lake's history and the CCC, check out our History section on the About Us page!

Lodge and Office

The spacious Lodge at Clear Lake has bench seating for presentations or classes, and plenty of room for games or activities. This building, beautifully maintained and updated, is of CCC construction. Attached is an office area for use by staff or administrators.

Dining Hall

Another CCC construction, the dining hall is able to hold around 80 diners at a time with bench-and-table style seating. The kitchen is divided from the seating area by a serving counter. Walk-in cooler, dry storage, and chest freezers are available. Cook staff will enjoy the attached sleeping quarters and private bathroom.

Residential Cabins

Each of our nine CCC-built, residential cabins are able to house up to twelve people. Beds are twin size and a mix of single and bunk style. The cabins all have electricity and heat. There is an additional medical staff residential cabin equipped with fridge and a half bathroom.


Groups enjoy gathering on benches for campfires, presentations, or music while viewing the lake. Quiet groups may be lucky enough to hear loons, frogs, owls, coyotes, and other wildlife. The amphitheater is also a good spot for stargazing. 

Canoe Livery

The livery holds twelve canoes, a variety of paddles, and various sizes of personal flotation devices (PFDs - or life jackets). A convenient launch site is the gateway to your aquatic recreation on our 109-acre lake.


In addition to a 2-mile hiking trail that circumnavigates the lake, Clear Lake has its own private dock, raft, and swim area. At quiet moments, the dock is an excellent spot to catch smallmouth bass (fishing license required). The dock is also a prime spot for stargazing and birdwatching.


Men's and women's bathroom facilities contain showers, toilet stalls, a bank of sinks, and one private, barrier-free full bathroom. There is a laundry facility attached to the back side of the men's bathroom.

Circle Drive and Parking

Parking is allowed only in the large gravel lot or smaller staff section. The circle drive, while large enough to allow a bus to drive around it, is also an emergency vehicle access lane where parking is prohibited.


Regularly mowed, the ball field is perfect for games and activities ranging from kickball to capture the flag. On a quiet morning, a careful observer might spot anything from a chipmunk to a bear.

Map of Camp

Map of Camp
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