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Clear Lake Education Center connects people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to the natural world. 

Travel Programs

The following hands-on programs are available at your school: bears, winter ecology, wildlife adaptations, nature detectives, or trees. Each program presented can last from 1-2 hours, depending on your schedule. We limit the program sessions to a maximum of 40 students to maintain quality. If your school would like to schedule more than one program on the same day, there are cost savings. Each session cost includes program materials, 2 instructors, and our travel time from either the Delta-Schoolcraft ISD or MARESA, depending on the school's county.

Travel Program Fee Schedule

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Program Descriptions

  • Bears: an exploration of North American bears with a focus on Michigan's resident - the Black Bear. What do they eat? Where do they live? How do they compare with other wildlife of North America? 

  • Winter Ecology: what takes place when the days get shorter, the air gets colder, and precipitation is fluffier? How are nature's processes similar to and different from those of humans? Let's investigate!

  • Wildlife Adaptations: what have people created that was first engineered by animals? How do animals survive and thrive in their ecosystems, especially in winter? Discover hibernacula, migration routes, and snowy hunting habits in this program.

  • Trees: filtering water, sheltering other species, cookies you don't eat, products we use, homes for critters - so many important aspects to being a tree...should we cut them or leave them.

  • Nature Detectives: use scientific methods to investigate phenomena and mysteries in nature. Do we really just observe with our eyes? How can we best report our observations to our peers? What evidence can we give for our suppositions? Does bias play a part in our perceptions? Explore a mystery, report your observations, test your skills!

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