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What Happens in Winter?

Just like the woodland creatures who live in our area, we have options.

1) We could flee or migrate to a warmer place for both physical and perhaps mental survival. Migration is a solution many birds opt for when winter approaches. Some fly for hundreds of miles using an internal GPS to find their way to their wintering grounds.

2) We could hibernate - go into a deep trance-like sleep and stay in a cave or hibernaculum - until it is warm enough to find food and water and be outside again. Though we generally don't have the same issue in getting our food as many animals do, we might not like being out in the cold. There aren't very many true hibernators, but there are plenty of creatures who stay in to avoid the weather.

3) We can add extra layers, whether fat or clothing - I recommend the latter - and go about our business. We might even enjoy the winter landscape - put on snowshoes or skis and go adventuring; pull out the sled or tube and enjoy sliding down hills; sketch or take photos and capture the beauty of snow covered trees.

I heard a saying that goes something like this: "We can choose to enjoy snow and winter or we can choose to dislike it - either way, there will still be the same snow and cold - we'll just be happier or not."

What will you choose to do this winter? I plan to enjoy as much outdoor activity as possible.


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