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Internship 2023 - Lauren Lahtinen

My name is Lauren Lahtinen and I am a staff member at Clear Lake Education Center for the spring and summer of 2023. I am a student at Northern Michigan University studying Elementary Education with concentrations in science and reading. I came to work here because I wanted to gain teaching experience through assisting with the various outdoor education programs that Clear Lake has to offer.

So far, working at Clear Lake Education Center has been wonderful. I have enjoyed learning about the natural resources of the Upper Peninsula in depth and variety. Sharing that knowledge with students is an experience that I am honored to be a part of! It has been so cool to see students find their passion at Clear Lake, whether that be through learning about the ecology of the Upper Peninsula, kayaking on our beautiful waters, or braving the high ropes course. I am happy to say that I have made great connections with my co-workers and the teachers and students that have visited here. I can't wait to keep doing so as I continue to work at Clear Lake Education Center!

Lauren engaging preschoolers in the Great Start program at Bark River

Lauren sharing the Michigan Rocks program with students - Birdseed

Mining teaches students about the cost and effort that goes into mining

metals and minerals for everyday items we use.


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